Products care

Your unique product was hand-made in Ukraine by the best handicraftsmen with many years of experience. The product is made in accordance with the highest quality standards using the best Italian leather and fittings.

To maintain and keep your product in proper condition, you need to take care to avoid contact with water, oils, perfumes and cosmetics.

Getting wet, genuine leather can shrink and become excessively stiff after drying. Therefore, if leather products are exposed to moisture, they may deteriorate and lose their marketable appearance. If your product gets wet, remove excess moisture by lightly dabbing with a soft and dry piece of cloth and dry at room temperature. Do not wash any leather products.

Genuine leather of a dark color can transfer its pigment to clothes, while light leather, on the contrary, can absorb the pigment of dark clothes.

In order for the leather not to stretch out and the product not to lose its shape, it is not recommended to carry heavy things or objects that exceed the size of the product, as this can lead to deformation of the leather or rupture of the connecting seams.

Do not leave the product for a long period in direct sunlight or near lighting fixtures. Dyes on leather products may be sensitive to light and this will fade the material and damage the appearance.

Differences in color and texture are a valuable feature of the leather. Over time, a “patina” may appear on the leather or it may acquire a darker shade as a result of contact with your leather and under the influence of direct sunlight, making the bag or accessory even more beautiful. These are natural features that add uniqueness to your Clover product.

For bags that contain a wireless touch flashlight: if there is no glow of the flashlight or its attenuation, remove the flashlight from the appropriate pocket, open the flashlight with a slight movement and replace the batteries inside it with batteries of the same type, close the flashlight and put it back into the bag.

Genuine leather products cleaning

Clean the surface with a wet soft cloth. In this case, do not use detergents (soap, shampoo, cleaning powders, etc.). When cleaning, do not use harsh materials, washcloths, brushes or do not apply undue exertion, as the outer coating may be damaged and lose its quality and original appearance. Dry the product at room temperature.

When cleaning leather products, in no case should you use solvents or active substances: acetone, gasoline, alcohol (including wet wipes), etc.


When the product gets wet, it must be dried at room temperature. It is strictly forbidden to dry the product in the sun, using heating devices, a hairdryer or in microwave ovens.


Leather products must be stored at a temperature of 14 to 25 °C and a relative humidity of 50-80%. Do not store them in plastic bags or in other packaging that does not allow air to pass through.

When you are not using the Clover bag, we recommend that you store it in a cool, dry place by first wrapping it in the supplied cloth and packing it in the Clover branded box. To prevent the bag from losing its shape, fill it with wrapping paper or other similar material.